Melting Furnace

The melting furnace is the heart of the stone wool production line.

We produce two types of melting furnaces: Electric Furnace and Cupola Furnace. Although other technologies like Gas Furnace exist, they are not yet mature, so we currently do not offer stone wool production lines with other types of melters/furnaces.

Most of our customers prefer to work with cupola furnaces. Our cupolas have a diameter of up to 1.5 meters. We use thick and sturdy steel for manufacturing the walls of the furnace housing, where the water jacket is placed, and cooling water circulates. The water temperature is continuously monitored by the PLC controller to extend the working life of the cupola.

There are 22 precisely carved vents for feeding air and oxygen along the surface of the cupola, designed to enrich the burning process. Fresh air at a temperature of 450-500 ℃ is blown through these 22 holes via an inverter fan from the high-temperature heat exchanger. Oxygen is automatically supplied according to the fan's flow at a preset ratio in the PLC controller, usually 1-2%.

The bottom of the cupola features a hydraulic double gate used for cleaning and servicing. Each gate wing has an orifice for draining the molten iron into the cupola.

The cupola is equipped with an intelligent system for utilizing the thermal energy of the gases before releasing them into the atmosphere.

We produce furnaces with a maximum capacity of 5 tons per hour (final product).