High Pressure Polyurethane Foaming Injection Machine

This machine is used for continuous foaming for 2-15cm thickness panel, for example:PU insulation panel, PU sandwich panel.

1) The main components of the machine are imported original components,overall appearance, compact structure,easy maintenance,modular design approach.Our professional designers can meet any of your requirements.

2) The machine based on polyether polyol and polyisocyanate Mdi in the blowing agent, catalyst, emulsifiers and a variety of chemical additives present, after the  foaming reaction and obtain foam.

3) Foaming agent:two-components, four components, six-components optional as buyer's inquiry .

Componets of the machine:

1) Storage Components:

Double insulation stainless steel tanks.

Electrical resistance heater and cooling water solenoid valves for  temperature conditioning

Chiller for optional

2) Metering Unit

High precision axial piston pump,Variable output, robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral precision measuring scale

Magnetic coupling ensures no material leakage

Digital pressure gauge for controlling pressure

3) Mixing Head

Auniform foam mixture distribution on the continuously moving facing

High pressure impingement style mixing,

Self-cleaning design

40 Electrical control system

Electric wiring and connections for each equipment part of the high pressure foam dispensing machine.

Electric control cabinet complete with electric power part

PLC,electric controls and devices for high pressure foaming machine

Alarm function with acoustic warning.

It can produce Polyurethane / PU foam block , panel , etc. 

Final Products can be widely used for Plant / warehouse building,Portable house, Instant container/building, Construction insulation,Garage door, Cold Storage Room Panel , Pre fab house , steel structure workshop, steel villa, housing,supermarkets, air duct, public places, etc.




Working Pressure




Power Supply


Control Voltage