Raw Material storage mixing

The raw materials system includes four to six steel hoppers positioned adjacent to the furnace. Typically, four types of raw materials are used in the production of stone wool: basalt, dolomite, slag, and coke (coke is specifically used for the cupola furnace). Each hopper is equipped with a vibrator that feeds materials to electronic scales. A pair of hoppers shares one electronic scale, and each scale is equipped with a vibrator that transfers materials to a conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt transports materials to a batch cart, which ascends the machine frame and pours the materials into the furnace (melter) through its mouth. Each batch cart can carry between 500 and 700 kg of materials.

Controlled by our advanced PLC system, the vibrators and electronic scales ensure precise control over material weights for each batch. The system allows adjustments to vibration intensity and stores long-term data for each batch. This data serves various purposes such as calculating raw material inputs, plant costs, and daily production composition.