Curing Oven Machine

This curing oven is one of our patents. It adopts durable and reliable two-layer structure and with high strength. It could be used to produce high density board. The patented chains for curing oven are durable and robust. The flights of curing oven have an advanced structure and designed with high strength and good ventilation of air and are not prone to damage the key components in the curing oven easily. The space between the upper and bottom layer could be adjusted freely within the range of 30-150mm  (controlled by control cabinet).

The advanced design of hot blast system could removes burning hot blast furnace and uses waste heat from melting furnace to heat the curing oven by air blowers. In doing so, large quantity of natural gas could be saved and thus resulting in great reduction of production cost as well.



Equipment total length


Equipment total width


Equipment total height


Rock Wool plate width

400, 600, 1200mm

Rock Wool plate thickness

20 ~ 250mm

Rock Wool plate density

25 ~ 230 kg / m3

Upper conveyor lifting distance

10 ~ 180mm

Conveyor speed

max 15m/min

Upper conveyor lifting speed

29mm / min

Main drive motor power

30KW (Variable frequency adjusting)

Lifting motor power:

2.2 KWx2 Sets