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Continuous PU / PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line

Continuous PU / PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line is multifunctional to produce PU sandwich panel, EPS sandwich panel, Rock Wool sandwich panel, or EPS/Rock Wool sandwich panel with Polyurethane sealed.

With high practicality, such as insulation, sound-proofing and flame retardance.

Produce speed 3-10m/min, annual production 1,000,000 square meters.

Final panel 3-16m long, 600-1200mm wide, 30-200mm thick with various profiles.

1) High automatization:

Full PLC computer integration controlling system with digital servo, frequency conversion vector and hydraulic controlling technology, user-friendly design and easy operation.

2)High efficiency:

Automatic continuous production.  Annual product capacity:1,000,000 M2 (250work days per year and 10 work hours per day)

3)High Precision:

Heated air recycle oven, strictly control the temperature of PU foaming and solidification in suitable range.

Special double belt conveyor design ensure flat surface, even thickness and anti-deformation of the sandwich panel.

4)Environmental :Using 141B(or cyclopentane) as foaming agent,instead of carbon chloral-fluoride, making the PU foaming treatment become environmental production craft.

5)Low production cost: Operators: 5-7 people

6)Economize investment: International advanced level performance with reasonable price.

7)Multifunctional:The Panel's produce by the Machine will be used for the following building works:

  • Commercial/Industrial Cool rooms •Freezers •Temperature Controlled Environmets •Cool room & Freezer Doors
  • Portable Buildings •Shipping Container Conversion Sales/Leasing/Maintenance

Continuous Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel Production Line is very effcient to produce Polyurethane / PU wall and roof sandwich panel for building / construction insulation


Final Products can be widely used for Plant / warehouse building,Portable house, Instant container/building, Construction insulation,Garage door, Cold Storage Room Panel , Pre fab house, steel structure workshop, steel villa, housing,supermarkets, air duct, public places, etc.



Applicable Raw Material


Color steel, Galvanized sheet, Aluminum sheet

(mm) Thickness


(Mpa) Width

≤1250 (Max)

Producible Sandwich Panel 


(mm) Length


(mm) Width


(mm) Thickness

30-200 (Not including height of corrugation)

(m/min) Production Speed

3-10 (Adjustable)

(m)Valid length of double belt conveyor


(optional as your production requirement)

(Bar) Work pressure on pouring foam


(KW) Total power

About 300

(mm) Total Size (Length x Width x Height)

130000 x 15000 x 6000 (optional)