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The Development Prospects of Extruded Plate Equipment

Extruded plate production line equipment in the extrusion process to produce extruded board, with a uniform flat surface, completely closed-cell type of the internal cellular structure, superior insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance and high compressive strength, light quality, non-absorbent, fire performance (fire protection level up to B1), gas-tight, wear-resistant, non-degradable characteristics, plate thickness 20-80mm, length 900-3000mm, width 600-1200mm, free cutting; it is widely used in roofing, walls, floors, cold storage, roads, railways, airports and other projects and interior decoration, ceiling and wall insulation, sandwich filler door.

Characteristics of extruded plate device using PS renewable raw material particles, reducing the cost of the product, saving energy, and effectively solve the problems of each country's "white pollution" problem, beautify the environment (European and American equipment must use the native PS material). Production of energy-saving insulation board prices only European and American equipment of similar products, one-third to one quarter. Environmental assessment process of non-waste production is not waste, scrap and waste can be recycled; no waste, using recycled water cooling; no emissions, high-temperature physics of foam principle, no intense chemical reaction does not produce harmful gases .

Equipment operation and low noise. Extruded sheet items of equipment good economic returns, low investment, coupled with energy conservation and use of waste, the extruded board equipment products in the building insulation and cold antifreeze impermeable areas such as local roads to get large-scale promotion and application of the product on the market in short supply. Extruded board equipment products, based on polystyrene as raw material, into the foam; with water, electricity, gas control; extruded board equipment by squeezing, pressure, tension; to create a closed-cell structure, light , strength, airtight, anti-aging of extruded rigid board. Extruded plate prospects in the state of the device continues to promote energy-efficient buildings, the extruded sheet extrusion production equipment currently used for roof insulation panels, insulation construction is very common, internal, external walls construction, cold storage (car) has a large some uses (especially in northern areas), ground, color steel sandwich has begun to use, the production of extruded sheet extrusion equipment, the decline in market prices board significantly reduces construction costs, further stimulating the XPS board extrusion equipment market.


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