Coils Processing Equipment

In the Continuous Sandwich Panels Lines, the Coils Processing Equipment is designed to load, position, cut, join, and feed the top and bottom metal sheets to the roll-forming stations. The system automatically positions the coils at the height of the mandrel axis using motorized Loading Cars that run on rails.

The uncoilers, with a capacity ranging from 5 to 15 tons, hold, uncoil, and feed the metal sheets at the production speed of the Sandwich Panels line.

The system is integrated with roll benches, feeding rolls, supporting tables, PVC protective film applicators, “Corona” treatment units, shearing machines, automatic joining machines, and overlapping film application units.

Additionally, Guangxing enhances its offerings with Metal Sheet Leveling Machines, which flatten the metal sheets when coil quality is poor or quality coils are costly and unavailable.