Triangle / Drum Forming 

Circular wool collecting machine consists of main frame, conveyor system, wind inducing system, net board, drying and cleaning system etc. Main frame is structural steel components, driving system use bearing transmission system. Under net board, there is a wind inducing box, in which negative pressure is formed under the fan blowing action. Wool fibres are pulled off onto the net board.

Wool collecting machine collects wool fibres from centrifugal machine onto the net belt, forming a uniform layerof original wool fibre blanket, which is then transformed to pendulum wool allocating conveyor.



Diameter of Wool Collecting machine


Width of Wool Collecting Machine


Operation Speed

50 –120m / min

Speed Reducer Power

15 KW

Blowing Fan


Cleaning/Drying Fan

18.5 KW

Negative Pressure Fan

315 KW