Roll forming machines

The main forming part of our roll forming machine can be configured as either a double layer or a single layer. It integrates rollforming machinery, electrical components, and hydraulic systems, ensuring high working efficiency and fully automatic operation. The primary structural form of the rollforming machines is Cantilever type.

The frame is constructed from welded steel profiles and undergoes shot blasting treatment. The hydraulic device opens the inner supporting plate along the radial direction, allowing for radial tightening of the material coil.

The motor and chain drive the rotation of the unwinding reel. The output signal from the sensor vanes, along with the amount of unrolled material, allows the frequency converter to adjust the uncoiler machine's feeding speed, enabling active uncoiling. The pressure arm cylinder is driven to lift off (customer-provided power source).

Guangxing manufactures PIR/PUR Sandwich Panels Lines to produce:

  • Wall panels with “visible” fix
  • Wall panels with “hidden” fix
  • Cold storage panels
  • Roof panels with trapezoidal and tile shape
  • Sectional Door Panels / Garage Panel