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Exploring the Versatility and Innovation of Rock Wool Production Lines

I. Applications of Rock Wool Production Line Products

Rock wool production line products are prized for their low thermal conductivity and lightweight fibrous structure, making them versatile across various industrial and construction sectors. Widely used in shipbuilding for thermal insulation and fire prevention, rock wool boards composed of inorganic non-metallic materials offer exceptional fireproof and sound absorption properties. In building construction, they excel in insulating exterior walls and roofs, contributing significantly to energy efficiency. Beyond construction, rock wool finds applications in industries such as electric power, petroleum, and metallurgy.

II. Overview of Key Equipment in Rock Wool Board Production Lines

1. Melting Furnace

Central to the rock wool board production line is the melting furnace, where raw materials like rock and slag are melted. Equipped with a cooling water circulation system for safety, the furnace utilizes a hot air system to preheat materials efficiently, thereby conserving energy. Its design features a single-row multi-hole structure with volume dampers for ease of operation. Constructed with refractory materials, the furnace efficiently melts raw materials, aided by natural gas injection through spray guns.

2. Four Roller Centrifuge

Critical for producing rock wool and slag wool, the four roller centrifuge in the mineral wool production line is adjustable and split for flexibility. Known for its reliability, high efficiency, and superior fiber quality, this equipment is designed for easy maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted production.

3. Collector Cabinet Equipment

The collector cabinet equipment employs a vertical cotton collecting function. Here, molten streams are transformed into fibers by centrifugal force and directed into the collector, where negative pressure winds draw fibers onto a mesh belt to form the primary felt. This process is vital for ensuring uniform fiber distribution and enhancing product quality.

4. Board Production Section

The board-making section of the rock wool production line includes the cotton cloth machine, petrified forging unit, cooling cutter bar, main power supply, and hot air stove.

Petrified Forging: This equipment shapes the raw felt into products. After the cotton is swung by the cloth machine, it enters the petrified forging unit where hot air solidifies the material into shape.

Cutter Bar: Following petrification, the cutter bar is used to longitudinally and horizontally cut the material into precise dimensions, ensuring uniformity and quality in the final products.

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